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Estonian Film Museum

The magic world of Estonian film

The Estonian Film Museum will finally have its own building. The new building will be built on the grounds of the Maarjamäe summer manor, a well-known film location. The famous kissing scenes, for example, in the first Estonian-German co-production “Kire lained” (Waves of passion) were filmed here (Wladimir Gaidarow Film, Urania-Film; 1930) and parts of Lenfilm’s legendary “Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson: The Hound of the Baskervilles”(1981), where the palace is the set for Baskerville Hall.

Walking on the “red carpet” that leads through the palace park to the Film Museum, you will feel like a film star. The avenue of film and playful art works along the way, lead the visitor through the story of local cinema. This is an introduction to the exhibition, which looks at the history of Estonian film and the world behind the scenes. You are invited to take a close look at the secret world of moving pictures and also given an opportunity to assume the role of filmmaker.

An important part of the building is the 210-seat cinema and conference hall for film screenings and grand events. Special film events provide an opportunity to see historical and silent films.

In addition to being able to visit the museum and cinema, the cafe serves a range of goodies and the museum shop a selection of souvenirs. Let the transition from the mesmerising world of film to the everyday be as painless as possible!

Architectural design of the Estonian Film Museum by BOA OÜ and Innopolis Insenerid OÜ, interior by Ville Lausmäe.

In the film museum’s experiential permanent exhibition you can see behind the scenes of filmmaking, get an idea of the pre-film era – the fascinating world of moving pictures and illusion. Naturally, the exhibition also presents the stories of Estonian filmmakers and actors. In the exhibition we highlight the unique development of Estonian film resulting from the disruption when the film industry was run by the Soviet Union. Our aim is to present the magic of film, which manages to fascinate people irrespective of age, place or nationality.

The exhibition takes an in depth look behind the scenes of filmmaking – revealing the role of the script, film editing, sound and lighting in every good film.

The museum also has an education centre, where the young at heart have the opportunity to become familiar with the practical side of filmmaking and try their own hand. The scaled down copy of a film studio is a fun place of discovery, where you can feel like Marilyn Monroe or race like a racing car driver in the film “Vallatud kurvid” (Naughty curves).

Discover the magic of film!