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In 2018, on the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, the Estonian History Museum’s Maarjamäe Palace will re-open after months of comprehensive renovations as a history discovery centre. Events and stories that have stood the test of time and left a mark on European history will once again be brought to life at Maarjamäe. 

During the course of the rebirth, the Estonian History Museum at Maarjamäe will be transformed beyond recognition. The historical palace will be renovated, the Estonian Film Museum will be located in the park, as will pleasant recreation areas and outdoor exhibitions. In the cafe, with its view of the sea, you will be able to enjoy good food and beautiful surroundings and in the museum shop you will find great gifts as souvenirs.

In Maarjamäe Palace we will be opening a comprehensive interactive exhibition that tells the stories of the Estonian people. The beauty of history and the experience gained, rare artefacts and attractive design will invite everyone to take part. The exhibition unfolds over 100 years and brings us up to today, making it possible to particpiate and discuss both the past and the future. Children can build their own country in the enjoyable Children’s Republic.

A “red carpet” that runs through the palace park will lead visitors to the Estonian Film Museum, which looks at the story of film here in Estonia, taking a look behind the scenes, inviting you to study the secret life of moving pictures and providing you an opportunity to assume the role of filmmaker. A cinema and conference hall, for films and grand events, has a special place in the building.

In the park of the Maarjamäe summer manor, a playground for children in the shape of Estonia will be built. Through play children can learn about Estonia’s past and the more important locations. An historically themed mini-golf course is inspired by the fact that in the 1930s Estonia’s first golf course was planned for this site.

Behind the palace, shadows from the past face one another – Lenins and other monuments from the period of occupations have been turned into an outdoor exhibition that invites you to ponder the drama of history.

Boa OÜ, 2016

The history discovery centre on the sea shore at Maarjamäe will once again become a special place as it once was during the palace’s golden age at the end of the 19th Century, when the Russian count Anatoli Orlov-Davydov built a summer manor on the site of a former sugar factory. It was here that many celebrities and courtiers of the Tsarist empire spent their time.

The story of Marjamäe Palace echoes the story of all the Estonian people, reflecting Estonia’s eventful past. Our wish is that you can feel a part of our history, find stories that are important to you and share them with others.

The architectural design for the renovations at Maarjamäe Palace is the work of KOKO architects OÜ. The outdoor area, film museum and storage building were designed by BOA OÜ and Innopolis Insenerid OÜ.