Pysyvät näyttelyt
Maarjamäe loss
neuvostoaikaisten patsaiden ulkoilmanäyttely
It is dangerous to think that the time of Stalins and Hitlers has passed.
President of the Republic of Estonia Lennart Meri, 1999

As the collector of Estonian political history, the Estonian History Museum has gathered up discarded monuments for a few decades now, and the current collection of Soviet monumental sculptures in Maarjamäe is the largest in Estonia. It consists of a few dozen memorials and statues created mostly by Estonian sculptors between 1945 and 1990.

Many of the monuments are of high quality artistically and deserve to be preserved from an art historical point of view. Nevertheless, for many people they speak of a difficult period when the Republic of Estonia was under foreign occupation and recall events which are painful.

The exhibition is displayed on the area behind Maarjamäe Palace and forms one part of the museum’s new park.