Restaurant Maarjamäe


Beef carpaccio with parmesan and lentil bread 9

Grilled goat’s cheese with a fresh salad wild garlic pesto, cumin-marinated beetroot, honey and tomatoes 7,5

Count Orlov’s plini with salmon fillet marinated with horseradish beets, sour cream and dill cream, farm egg, drained cottage cheese and marinated red onion 8,9

Asian salad with duck fillet with rice noodles, pomegranate seeds and hoisin sauce 7,5

Green salad VEGAN with crunchy vegetables and raspberry sauce 7

Borscht with game meat and sour cream 5

Fish soup 6


Beef burger fries and BBQ sauce 11

Duck fillet with almond potatoes with snow peas, broccolini and wine sauce 15

Lake Peipus’s perch fillet in white wine dough with pickles, dill aioli, tartar sauce and wok vegetables 12

Beef cheek with potato purée and roasted vegetables rich cherry sauce and broccolini 11

Chickpea and tomato curry VEGAN with lime rice and lentil-cumin bread 7,5

Porcini risotto with parmesan and chives 7,5

Linguine with goat cheese and vegetables 7,5


Citrus cheesecake with berries and strawberry coulis 4 Brulée with rye bread 4,9

Tiramisu 4,9

Chocolate cream with fresh berries, roasted hazelnuts, mascarpone and raspberry coulis 4,9

Ask the server for info on allergens!


Sparkling Wine and Champagne glass/bottle

Prosecco NV Brut, Tenuta Sant’Anna, DOC, Itaalia 5 / 25
Rabarbra, NV, Estonian rhubarb sparkiling wine 6*/ 29

„R.014“ Brut, NV, Champagne Lallier, Prantsusmaa 65

White Wine

Valmont Blanc, 2017, Paul Mas, France 4 /19
Pinot Grigio, 2018, Barone Montalto, Sicily, Italy 5 / 24
Grüner Veltliner "Sandgrube 13", 2017, Winzer Krems, Austria 24
Riesling Classic, 2017, Anselmann, Pfalz, Germany 28

Rosé Wine

Saint Louis Rose D’Anjou, France 5 / 23

Red Wine

Claude Val Rouge, 2017, Paul Mas, France 4 /19
Guad Al Mare, 2015, Castellani, Maremma, Italy 5 / 24
Tinto „Premium“, 2015, Vinha Maria, D.o, Portugal 24
Primitivo “Sasseo”, 2016, Masseria Altemura, Italy 35

Beer and cider

Saku non-alcoholic beer 0,5l 3
Saku Gold 0,33l 5,2% 3,5
Saku Hele 0,5l Pale Lager 5,2% 4
Saku Dark 0,5l 6,7% 4

Antvärk Mesine Pirn 33cl 4
Jaanihanso Rosé ciderSec 75cl 25