Temporary exhibitions
Maarjamäe loss
19.10.2018 - 20.01.2019

õ h u L o s s (Castle in the Air in English) is a group of jewellery artists who are all alumni of the Jewellery and Blacksmithing Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts: Kadri Mälk, Tanel Veenre, Piret Hirv, Eve Margus-Villems, Kristiina Laurits and Villu Plink.

The first “Castle in the Air” was built in 1999, on the top floor of the Marzee gallery in the Netherlands, followed by appearances in Spain, Germany, Denmark, Portugal, Hungary, France, Israel, China and Latvia. In Estonia, presentations have been organised at the Rakvere Museum in 2001, Tallinn Lower Lighthouse as part of The European Capital of Culture in 2011 and at the Evald Okas Museum in 2015.

Over the years õ h u L o s s has compiled and published three publications (1999, 2003, 2010), and in collaboration with the Arnoldsche Art Publishers published a substantial book about their creative work “õhuLoss / Castle in the Air. Jewellery from Estonia” (2011).

In September 2018 “Castle in the Air will land again after several years in Tallinn, in the exhibition hall at the Estonian History Museum’s Maarjamäe Palace. The goal is to create a modern castle of jewellery in the historically-charged summer residence of the Orlov-Davydov family, by visualizing a castle in the air – a castle made of air – an airy castle. While creating an opportunity to exhibit jewellery, at the same time the aim is to intensify the spatial experience. The meeting of history, air and jewellery to create a new visual space that would at the same time conceptually support the jewellery and objects on display.

“Castle in the Air” (õ h u L o s s) chronology

1999   -   Presentation and fund raising for “õhuLoss”, Tallinn, Estonia

1999    -  “luchtKasteel”. Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen, Holland

2001   -   Fund raiser for “õhuLoss”. Tallinn, Estonia

2001   -   “õhuLoss”. Rakvere Museum, Estonia

2001    -  “Castillo en el Aire. Museo Textil y de Indumentaria de Barcelona, Spain

2001   - “luftSchloss. Raum für Schmuck, Köln, Germany

2001    -  “Nocturnus: an international jewellery art event organized by õhuLoss (exhibition, night colloquium, book). Muhu island, Estonia

2001   -   “luftKastell. Galerie Metal, Copenhagen, Denmark

2002   -   “Palácio Encantando. Galerie Uno, Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon, Portugal

2003   -   “légVár. Szentendre Art Mill, Budapest, Hungary

2003   -   Presentation of a book by õhuLoss. Tallinn, Estonia

2006   -   “luftSchloss”. Villa Bengel, Idar-Oberstein, Germany

2010    -  “luftSchloss. Alter Nordfriedhof ("Old North Cemetery"), München, Germany

2010  -  “õhuLoss gratitude night and book presentation. IIDA gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

2010   -   “õhuLoss”. Estonian pavilion, World EXPO, Shanghai, China

2011     “luftSchloss. Overbeck-Gesellschaft Verein von Kunstfreunden e.V. Lübeck, Lübeck, Germany

2011    -  “õhuLoss. Tallinn Lower Lighthouse, Tallinn, Estonia

2011    -  “Château éthéré. SOME/THING SECRET gallery, Paris, France

2012   -   “RITUAL”, õhuLoss.  Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Tel Aviv, Israel            

2012   - “Pensieri preziosi 8 / Castle in the Air. Oratorio di San Rocco, Padua, Italy

2013−2014 -“luftSchloss”. Villa Bengel, Idar-Oberstein, Germany

2015  -    “Castle in the Air. Galleria REVERSO, Lisbon, Portugal

2015  -  “õhuLoss”. Evald Okas Museum, Haapsalu, Eesti

2016   -   “õhuLoss”. Putti galerija, Riga, Latvia

2018  - “luchtKasteel”. Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen, Netherlands